Beware! Energy Plus – Miles for your power bill

Connecticut I live in southern Connecticut where Connecticut Light and Power serves as the local electric utility.  CT is a de-regulated state, allowing for competitive power sales.  Power is still delivered by CL+P, but, if you so nominate, they will buy your power (or an amount equal to your power consumption) from a third party. You might want to know what is energy plus.

I received a number of mailings from Energy Plus.  They offered a low rate (about 10% lower than CL+P’s), with the added benefit of frequent flyer miles as well.  One of their offers to me was 10,000 bonus miles for signing up, then 2 miles for every dollar spent on the power portion of my electric bill.  (The portion of your electric bill paid to the utility to deliver the power doesn’t accrue points.)

While the switch itself was seamless, Energy Plus quickly proved to be a bait-and-switch proposition